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The Caffeinated Version:

PLB Coffee, our 'Precious Little Bean', is Coffee with a Cause, raising funds for designated charities with premium, fresh-roasted, personalized-labeled coffee. We provide personalized coffee for Wedding Announcements & Favors, Baby Showers, Charity Fundraisers, Corporate Branding, Party Favors and Much More. Helping others is our passion and we are honored to donate profits from every purchase to charities close to our hearts.

Joe and Heather Juliani, founders of PLB Coffee.

Joe and Heather Juliani, founders of PLB Coffee.

Sippin' on decaf? Here's the full story: 

We're Joe and Heather Juliani, coffee lovers and ordinary people who found a way to fulfill our passion of helping others and giving back. We founded PLB Coffee to provide quality fresh-roasted, custom-labeled coffee and have an avenue to give to those in need- it's Coffee with a Cause. Our company grew out of a mutual love of coffee and giving to those less fortunate and blossomed into something bigger than we could ever have imagined- we found our purpose, our passion project.

In the beginning... Joe was asked to volunteer at a church women's conference Heather was attending. At the conference, Joe randomly got placed to help at the coffee station; ironic because we were on a quest at that time to find the best coffee for home use. Joe was eager to learn everything he could from the barista at the conference as they talked coffee for the next 3 days. By the end of the conference, a plan for a new coffee venture was under way. Over the next few months we brainstormed ideas for our new company; first and foremost, we were adamant about the company giving back to those in need, particularly children. From our desire to sow the seeds for these precious little beans to thrive, our baby was born: Precious Little Bean, PLB Coffee. With every bag of coffee sold, a portion of the proceeds are donated to our designated charities to help children, families and military veterans in need right here in America, branching out from our own community in Orange County CA.

Great coffee starts with the bean... We take pride in our coffee at every level, beginning with the birth of the Precious Little Bean. We have partnered with specialty coffee importer and roaster Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders to source our coffee through small, family farms with Direct Trade practices from regions producing superior products. All imported coffee is cupped and inspected to meet strict standards. We continue to care for our beans by small-batch roasting at precise, highly researched parameters to produce a coffee of exceptional quality. We roast our beans every week to bring you the freshest beans for a perfect cup of coffee.

Helping others always tastes great!

Bonus material: 

By a chance meeting with a fellow coffee lover, we were introduced to this motivational story written by G. Russell Reynolds, 'The Power of the Little Bean', a must-read for all ages. You'll never look at your cup of Joe the same again!